Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Review of Rendezvous with Rama

RWR is the story of a dormant space vessel that is investigated by earth astronauts as it passes through the solar system.

Positives; as always with Arthur C. Clarke the clear & clean story telling. Rama is a completely logical and possible object and the way that it works (inside and out) is utterly convincing and well thought out.Some of the description of the way that things move inside Rama is so cleverly detailed that the reader can understand exactly what is going on.

Negatives; ACC often puts in technical description to impress scientists and space experts at the expense of readability. The plot feels like an intellectual exercise at times and less like an interesting "what if?" scenario. As always with ACC the characters are dry and dull and two dimensional and he has an annoying habit of crewing his space vessels with a multinational crew with a friendly Russian on board. A bit of a cold war mentality there.

Overall a pure piece of logical fantasy which is extremely well written.


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