Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Neutronium Alchemist 9.4

Book two of the nights dawn trilogy and the action goes straight in. The possessed are now off planet Lalonde and they begin to spread the possession across the galaxy.

The way in which the possession spreads across the confederation is done superbly and it seems very plausible. Of course things would unfold this way.

The action sequences are done very well too although they don't really convey much tension. (spoiler coming) When the alchemist is finally deployed I felt indifferent. The scenes inside the shed where Mzu is cornered are also a bit flat even though an asteroid sized lump of metal is about to drop out of the sky.

I also felt a bit indifferent about Al Capone. How on earth could he take control of an advanced civilisation. Surely people with a better grasp of the technology could outflank him.

Small gripes asides the sum total here is just superb. Quinn Dexter continues at his evil best. Fletcher Christian is his noble opposite. Joshua and Ione and Louise are here throughout and the three corners of the triangle stay mostly apart.

After putting in all of the hard work in book one part two felt like a reward. I enjoyed plodding my way through. The intricacies of all the various planets and asteroids/arcologies are like a complex buffet banquet to be nibbled on. I will read the final part (in fact I've already started it) because I'm desperate to find out what solution they find (especially since the Kiint and the Tyrathca have hinted that there is a solution).

It gets a massive 9.4 from me. Sophisticated, detailed and never ever boring.

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