Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Review of The Stars My Destination

Essentially just The Count of Monte Cristo in space. The prose is amazingly vivid. It leaps off the page. The story moves quickly and crisply. Some of the set-pieces are superb. I really enjoyed the early parts where Gully is trapped in the Nomad and his transformation driven by the sheer force of his need for revenge is interesting if a little factually illogical. The ending is very beautiful.

However, I do feel that the story is a little crude in places and it feels more like a comic strip than a serious SF work. Especially the bits with the Four Mile Circus and the corporation. I guess that because I've never enjoyed any cyberpunk I was never going to enjoy this work, even if it represents the apex of the genre.

Ultimately I would rather read the original by Dumas.


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